Resources to Help L&D Succeed in the New Normal

The past six weeks have been filled with rapid change for organizations around the world. From transitioning to a remote workforce to converting instructor-led training to virtual delivery, learning leaders have been busy helping their organizations navigate this era of uncertainty.

Learning can accelerate an organization’s ability to overcome challenges in times of great disruption. To help L&D professionals succeed in the new normal, we’ve compiled a list of our top content from These resources have garnered the most interest from our audience over the past few weeks, and we hope they will provide you with the insights you need to overcome your current challenges – and spark inspiration for the future of work.

Articles and Blogs

Guidelines for Converting Instructor-led Training to Remote TrainingSettling Into Your New Remote Job: 3 Tips to Help You Ace Your First Month5 Tips for Converting Face-to-face Training to Virtual TrainingLeading Your Team Through AdversityBusiness Training Continuity During Public Health EventsYour Brain on Remote Work: Managing the New NormalGlobal Health Crises Make Effective eLearning an ImperativeAre We Training for Skills, Competencies or Capabilities?Virtual Panels: 10 Tips for Speakers and ModeratorsVirtual Instructor-led Sales Training Is a Business Continuity Plan

The Business of Learning Podcast Episodes

Social Learning and Content CurationConnecting Remote Teams With Virtual MeetingsInclusive LeadershipEffective Performance ReviewsThe Future of Work … for All Workers


TICE Virtual Conference: The Future of the WorkforceMeasuring the ROI of Training ProgramsWhen Face-to-Face Training Isn’t an Option: 7 Tips for Remote TrainingProduct Demo: Boost Watch-time and Engagement with Storytelling, Connection and Video Building the Case for Effective Sales Onboarding

Training Industry strives to provide relevant and reliable resources for L&D professionals, which means providing you with the insights and tools you need, when you need them. We are currently conducting a pulse survey to track and understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the L&D industry. We’ll be running the survey weekly throughout the course of the pandemic to better understand its impact. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share your perspective.

As always, we encourage you to reach out to our editorial team to discuss the topics and issues most important to you.

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